Why I sell Prism Polish

Eleven or twelve years ago my wife and I were antiquing on a Sunday afternoon. We came across a booth where an older gentleman was cleaning metal. He was cleaning copper, brass, aluminum, silver and just about any other shiny hard surface I could think of. It didn’t seem to matter what he was cleaning it just cleaned up better than what I thought possible. We bought a small container, took it home and got hooked. I could make this a long story or a short one. To prove everyone wrong who says I am a typical Irish story teller , the reason I sell Prism Polish is it works better than anything else I have tried, period.

I started riding motorcycles when I was 7 and the one thing I know is bikers like clean bikes and bikes can be a pain to clean. Prism Polish changes that. There are some bikers who love cleaning. Personally, I’d rather be riding.  It doesn’t matter what you are cleaning, Prism Polish allows you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying what you have cleaned. If you value your belongings and your time, then Prism Polish is the best answer to protect your treasures  while giving you more time to enjoy them.

You may reach us at PrismPolishInfo or call Jay on his cell at (717) 314-0628

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